For an initial web site design from scratch the fee is $300.00. This fee does not include the cost to obtain a website domain name nor site hosting fees. If you do not own a web domain I can acquire one for you. I highly recommend using for obtaining a web domain name and hosting service.

The cost for website maintenance (i.e. adding/ modifying web content) is $1.00 per minute. Once your website is setup it usually takes little time to modify it.

Currently the web site design software I use includes Adobe’s DreamWeaver (the industry standard), an Apple Macintosh only application called RapidWeaver and Apple’s iWeb ’09. The more I use Apple products the more I like them. I am very impressed with the new RapidWeaver, and for that matter iWeb ’09, as it can do most things DreamWeaver can except much faster and easier and it also integrates so nicely with other Apple software products on my Mac. If you have a simple to moderately complex web site I will probably use RapidWeaver; however, if your site requires more complexity I will revert to using DreamWeaver.

View some sample Web Sites designed by Geist Photography: