Sports photography is our speciality. We offer sports photography for newspapers and non-print media, schools, booster clubs and just for the fun of it. Use the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page if you are interested.
For media and electronic delivery shoots we shoot with a Canon 1D Mark III (Mark IV is on the way) which allows us to simultaneously shoot in JPEG and RAW files. The JPEGs are obviously available for immediate upload to your server to meet deadline and the RAW will be available for archival.
Sports and event photography print pricing fees are usually just paying for the cost of prints as seen on the Prints page pricing. I usually post photos of sports and events on the Photos page. Sometimes these photos may have a copyright watermark embedded over them when posted on the web; however, these watermarks will obviously be removed when a print is purchased

Below is a Map if you need to calculate how far your venue if from my house.