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Geist Photography
217 Meadowview Drive
Selinsgrove, PA 17870
(570) 374-9720

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Probably the hardest photo to find for this website is a photo of me. I am always behind the camera but my daughter took a candid shot of me at a wedding I was shooting. What a rare find.

Photography is a hobby for me and in my day job I am an optometrist and owner of Geist Optometry. I have been a photographer for about 15 years. I used to shoot film years ago and then was a very early adapter to digital photos. Now I shoot with digital SLRs exclusively.

I shoot photos for fun and never intended on having a "photography business" but have had countless people from all over ask to see and purchase photos from me which led me to develop this website. This website solved my vexing problem of people throughout, and even out of, the country viewing and ordering photos.

Probably one of the more exciting interest and use of my photos have been from LA/ Hollywood. The Style Channel used some of this wedding shoot to promote their season premiere show of "Who's Wedding is it Anyway?" in 2009.



This is for all you gear-heads (you know who you are). I currently use the following equipment:

Canon 1D X camera

Canon “L” lenses including: 24-70 II, 70-200 II

Canon 580 II EX flash

Really Right Stuff flash brackets and L brackets

I shoot in RAW and the post-processing software I use are Apple’s Aperture (the best thing since sliced bread) and a little bit of Photoshop.

I use Apple Mac computers and design and maintain websites with Rapidweaver. I do use Dreamweaver rarely (not nearly as much as I used to) but instead use Rapidweaver as I have gotten away from Adobe Flash. I try to design Java scripted, HTML and iPhone/ iPod touch friendly and Flash-free sites.

Directions to my house can be found in the Google Map below.