Steps to Successful Wedding Photos

We have found the following checklist and Steps to Successful Wedding Photos we ensure the most pleasant and satisfying wedding photo shoot for the bride and groom.

1. Browse our website and Online Store. This will give you an idea of our work and workflow.

2. Book your wedding date with us.

3. Start to think about if, and where, you would like traditional bridal party photos following the ceremony. Do you want photos inside your ceremony venue? Is there a place relatively close to the ceremony or reception venue to take outside photos. Think background! A good background is the start of good photos.

4. Think about where and what kind of photos you would like of the bride, groom and individually. Sometimes this may be very early before the ceremony or a separate day all together.

5. Let us know the time and location of the bride getting ready before the ceremony. Most brides like us to get a few shots getting ready. Our goal is to stay out of your way, let you get ready but sneak in some shots while you are getting ready.

6. Try to give us a list of the bridal party names and emails. When your Wedding Photo Proofs are done we can send each bridal party an invitation and percent off coupon to purchase photos in our Online Store.

7. Let us know of any out of the ordinary things you have planned for the reception. Usually we will stay for the traditional dances (bride with father, etc...), cake cutting, etc.. and will leave when we feel there will no longer a chance to get good wedding photos. If you have something special planned we will be sure to stay for it.

8. In about 1 week after your wedding day we will post your Wedding Photo Proofs online for you to view. We will send you a link via email and/ or text or you can always access the photos through this website. You will be able to leave feedback and rate each photo online. If you want any special effect done to any photo just let us know and a version with the special effect added will added to your Wedding Gallery online.

9. After your Wedding Photo Proofs are posted online and final payment is made a special Coupon will be mailed to you via regular mail. This Coupon code will allow you to order the Photo Prints included in the Wedding Photo Package price of $1,995. If you order the exact number and size prints included in the coupon when you checkout online there will be no additional cost to you. If you do not order all the Photo Prints included in the coupon you will still have credit in our Online Store for the prints you did not order. Of course you may order more prints then what the coupon includes and just pay the normal photo print prices in our Online Store.

10. During checkout when you order photos you will be able to crop the photos as you desire. The photos will be shipped directly to the address you give at checkout. Obviously, the "proof" watermark seen online will not be on your printed photos.

11. We will keep your Wedding Photos online in our Online Store for you to share with your friends and family who may also want to order photos. Please share our site and your photos!